Area of Refuge

Emergencies do happen, and some of them we cannot avoid. During such events, businesses can benefit from designing areas of refuge within the buildings.  This designated location is also known as an area of rescue assistance.

Our low voltage Area of refuge solutions is mainly for new construction, multifamily housing, and large scale buildings. Besides big construction companies, we also develop solutions that work well in Hotels, Apartment Complexes, clinics, schools, Datacenters, Corporation offices, or any building that falls under the Area of rescue assistance.

Most buildings that do not have a way to exit the building usually have Areas of refuge located under a stairwell. Since this area of refuge is designed and fully equipped to hold your staff, guests, and clients safe, there is also a need for communication systems.

You do not have to do more training to decide on the type of two-way communication system you would like to use in your area of refuge. We have a team of trained and skilled experts who can guide you through the design and installation process of intercom systems.

According to the IBC (International Building Code) Requirements, a building floor that has no point of egress can qualify as an area of refuge. But first, you need to equip your floor with an automatic 24-hour sprinkler system and a 2 Way Communication System in the elevator landings.

Lavitech provides low voltage two-way communication systems for use in areas of refuge. With the availability of power supply in these safe locations, we can provide and install the necessary components that complete the entire system.

Our low voltage intercom communication systems have adequate signal-to-noise ratios that address background noises. The systems we provide are code compliant to the International Code Council (ICC), International Building Code (IBC ), the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and any other regulations in your area.

Standard communication systems present in some areas of refuge use components such as base stations and call boxes. The callbox can be programmed to call a remote monitoring location, the fire department, or 911.

Typically, we mount the base station in the lobby or entryway of your building. This system needs 24/7 monitoring for it to be effective while in use. We have high-quality components for this type of system. For a permanent commercial solution, we use intercom communication systems. We have a wide variety of intercom equipment that is under emergency power.

If you are planning to remodel or change the use of your building, there are chances that you might be required to install an intercom communication system. We have solutions for both new and existing buildings.

Lavitech provides customizable solutions for areas of refuge that use systems that are power by low voltage circuits. Call us today for assistance and more information on our low voltage Areas of refuge systems.


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