Computer Network

Low voltage wiring is essential in commercial buildings, especially where cable communication and computer network systems are required.  The efficient and consistent functionality of digital technology and communication equipment depends on the quality of networking.

Networking is different from the standard electrical wiring. This type of wiring and cabling setup is applicable in a wide range of systems such as audio and visual systems, electronic safety and security systems, fire & intrusions, cable programming, alarm systems, access control, Power over Ethernet (POE) devices, and wireless access networks.  

Modern buildings come with Gigabit (1-10) network applications that have performance speeds of up to 250MHz. For this reason, we provide structured cabling or wiring for fiber optics, security systems and high-speed Ethernet using fiber, copper, or coaxial, CCTV, and Cat6 cables, also known as Cat 6 or Category 6.  A strong Wi-Fi distribution requires a networking foundation.

Lavitech offers a wide range of wiring services, including full installation, complete system replacement, troubleshooting, and dependable maintenance and repair. We offer network cabling designs for a new building and retrofits services for facility expansions and office renovations.

We have trained, seasoned applications and certified technicians who have the knowledge and experience in wiring and cabling an entire building. The magnitude of the wiring and cabling infrastructure is huge,  and proper handling is required to ensure a safe and well-organized network system.

We handle all big commercial jobs for both new construction and existing multifamily housing and large scale buildings. Our dedication to outstanding customer service allows us to work with numerous clients across many industries, including big construction companies, banking facilities hotels, schools, data centers, clinics, corporation offices, and apartment complexes.

Our low-voltage networking services are easily applicable in new construction buildings, and still useful in buildings with existing network systems. Whether you wish to create and set up a new network from scratch or relocate an existing one, we have the right personnel and equipment to see it done.  We also provide a structured media enclosure to help expand, manage, and organize wires and cables pre-wired in smart and connected homes or buildings.

Before we do any networking on your building, we first need to have a good understanding of your building: The building floor plan, workforce, workflow, growth plan, and where you wish to install the low voltage electronic equipment. There is also the need to set up bridges or pull wire through the cable stub out to the areas where you intend to place your equipment.

Our consulting services will help you decide on the proper equipment to use for your network systems and low voltage electrical equipment. We ensure that your pre-wiring projects are equipped to accommodate future upgrades.

If you are looking for quality and efficient low voltage networking solution for your business, feel at peace to contact us today. Our services are available at affordable rates and can be tailored to match your budget.


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