Access Control

We live in a world where cybercrime and acts of terrorism are on the rise. At Lavitech, we provide low voltage security solutions to new big construction companies, multifamily housing, and large scale buildings that do not want to risk an attack.

Our access control security systems are applicable in banks, schools, Corporation offices, Hotels, Apartment Complexes, health care facilities, Data centers and many other types of businesses and commercial facilities.

Lavitech has maintained good and close working relationships with top manufacturers and suppliers of access control systems and products in the industry. In the pursuit to keep your building, employees and clients safe, secure, and controlled, we would love to help you design and install additional security to your physical premises.

The development of Cutting-edge technology in the industry has opened doors to a variety of commercial security options for our clients. Gone are the days of standard locks, which have shown that they can be broken into and manipulated. Access control systems provide a new, efficient and convenient way of securing a property.

There are different types of access control systems available that your company can use in its day-to-day operations. Knowing the nature of your business, your security procedures, and the number of users and doors we will help you choose the type of access control security system that is most suitable for your organization.  

We offer customized systems that come with timely access restrictions; an employee can gain entry for some time after which access will be limited. More advanced access control systems let you monitor activity with the use of CCTV or video surveillance cameras.

In terms of physical access control, we offer state of the art system products that come with a biometric, key fob or card reader and functional controllers. Our access control systems and concepts go a long way in providing safe use and access to your assets.

Our services include customizing your door access control with an electric strike, rex, door release button, maglock, alarm, keypad or any other necessary door hardware. The alarm system that we offer can be linked to a door sensor, to provide motion detection and a glass break sensor.

Our access control systems come with highly customizable software. Therefore, your specific needs will determine the type of solution for your business. We can design your system with software for quality planning and analytical works.

We offer systems that can easily integrate into existing network infrastructures. We design our low voltage solutions with the end-user in mind. The access control components come with intuitive features for ease of use.

Lavitech has a technical team well-trained, educated, and highly skilled in industry cabling and wiring, computer networking, and commercial Access control systems. Our technicians are very handy in the physical installation, troubleshooting, maintenance and repairing of low-voltage applications.

Thank you for visiting. If you wish to learn more about our Access Control solutions, feel free to visit our FAQ or Contacts page.  We would love to help you solve your low-voltage security needs.



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