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In public speaking, not everyone is audible enough, especially when in a large room like a theater. Similarly, tracing someone within the premises of a big organization is unrealistic without a public address system. We understand the importance of public announcement systems in organizations and therefore offer quality low-voltage solutions for your business.  

Lavitech maintains long and close relationships with top manufacturers and sellers of PA system equipment such as microphones, amplifiers, and loudspeakers. These brands include Yamaha, Behringer, Atlas Sound, Fender, Peavey, Electrovoice, Bose, JBL, QSC, Kustom, Mackie, and many more.

We mainly deal with new construction, multifamily housing, and large scale buildings. Our PA system services are also available for use in big construction companies, hotels, apartment complexes, warehouses, schools, data centers, corporate offices, and other commercial and institutional buildings. These systems have are often used to make announcements or play background music.

The improvement of Technology has made the equipment required in a PA system much more efficient. The equipment that we offer is fully functioning and easy to use, hence make the system make your system sound even better with clarity and definition. We will help you match the various components coming from different brands and optimize them to work with each other.

Our Low-voltage PA system solutions are applicable in buildings under construction where sound reinforcement is required. We also have portable to standard PAs well designed for easy transport, storage, and setup. Where modest amplification is required, we recommend a compact PA system.

If you wish to make announcements and notify or summon an employee in small offices, then you will need a paging system.  This solution requires that you install a paging speaker in warehouses zones or coverage areas. We have a wide assortment of modern paging and loudspeakers designed for commercial complexes.

You do not have to worry much about the technical aspects of a PA system. We have a team of certified technicians who have accumulated years of experience handling low voltage tasks. We will help you choose the right system and take care of the design and installation.

We also upgrade, troubleshoot, maintain, and repair existing Public address or announcement system installed in your business. Gone are the days that we used to use cable microphones, nowadays the wireless ones have made it easy to move around while addressing the congregation.

There are so many PA components and gears available in the market to cater for different needs. Lavitech will walk you through all the available systems and help you choose the right PA equipment to make your sound presentation or communication at its best.

If you are looking for an affordable public announcement system that can produce high-quality, room-filling sound, then Lavitech has a wide selection of solutions for you. For more information and further assistance, go through our FAQ section or visit our Contact page.  Call us today and find out more about our Low voltage PA systems.


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