Commercial AV

At Lavtech, we understand the importance of Commercial AV solutions in an organization. We believe that audiovisual systems can easily transform a business into a more functional workplace.

Lavitech has the technology and capacity to facilitate your communication and connectivity projects using AV systems. The various audiovisual needs can be solved using cutting-edge technology to increase functionality and productivity within your organization.

We have Low Voltage Solutions that can be tailored to solve your audiovisual needs. Our solutions come with sleek features that will help you achieve a powerful first impression to your guests and clients. Commercial AV will influence your customers to collaborate and work with you.

We serve a broad range of markets, including construction, education, healthcare, hospitality, industrial, and government facilities. We have helped businesses promote their objectives and achieve maximum control of activities. The low voltage solution we provide has brought a whole new experience when delivering a presentation and holding a video or teleconferencing.

Lavitech fosters long-term relationships with Commercial AV manufacturers and suppliers to ensure that you get fully functioning and efficient products and services. These devise include projector systems, TV screens, sound systems, and video displays. We provide you with a personalized commercial communications system to elevate your business. You can easily revolutionize your office spaces with full audiovisual system installation. 

Our team is dedicated and committed to helping clients achieve overall connectivity. They will guide you in selecting and designing the most suitable low voltage commercial audiovisual system for your business. You will benefit from our easy-to-use low voltage AV services and systems, and our certified technicians will be there to give you comprehensive training.

Audiovisual systems have shaped the workplace and living experience in boardrooms, conference rooms, Auditoriums, gymnasiums, theaters, classrooms, dining areas, control centers, entryways, lobbies, waiting areas, and office spaces.

The audio equipment we provide comes with either mono or stereo sound capabilities.  The options extend to the type of mounting, from which you can choose between wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted Audiovisual systems. Furthermore, installing a sound masking system will help cover-up unwanted sound.

The video displays or walls come with a range of screen sizes, resolution and technology. The visual devices allow you to advertise and display your product and services, at the same time, ensure that your staff never miss the memo. You can use video walls, digital signage and displays in your building to convey your message across.

Our systems come with volume control to regulate the intensity of the sounds. We also have a variety of sound output equipment; you can choose between a speaker, subwoofer or both. If you do not intend to use a portable speaker, our experts will ensure that your system remains hidden, and the distributed audio sounds remain clear and robust.

We intend to add value to your business by designing and installing a high-quality and reliable audio-visual system tailored for your commercial needs. Contact Lavitech today and step into a new workplace experience.


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