Nurse Call

Technology in healthcare solutions has changed to improve patient safety, response time, and staff productivity. Lavitech provides low-voltage Nurse Call solutions for assisted living and senior care services providers.

At Lavitech, we find and use better ways to connect people in the healthcare industry. We source our equipment from reputable vendors and manufacturers of Nurse Call System components such as Cornell.

Our services are designed for a wide range of health care and assisted living applications. We have helped optimize patient or resident to nurse communications in healthcare centers such as clinics, outpatient departments, nursing homes, and any other assisted living center.

The technology in Nurse call systems is not that high tech, it uses low voltage components. They come with a nurse call button that needs to be pressed to make an emergency call. Thanks to advanced technology and the internet of things, you can now get a wireless nurse call system.

Besides the standards and traditional Nurse Call Systems that require fixtures mounted on the walls, we also provide custom low voltage solutions that have wireless, visual, and mobile features. We provide custom low-voltage nurse call solutions that ensure the best manufacturing standards, including quality control and independent inspection

Lavitech has the technical capacity to help you design and install an E-Call system for Senior Living, which can make an emergency call to the responsible nurse whenever it is activated. These systems are perfect for assisted living and senior communities. The systems can integrate with the other point of care and environmental control systems.

Our low voltage nurse call solutions use Smart, Intuitive, and easy-to-use equipment.  You can easily pair your smartphones and any other portable device with the system and receive realtime updates and alerts from anywhere in the building. They also come with comprehensive tracking, reporting, and documenting capabilities.

If you wish to replace the technology in your existing Nurse Call system, then you are better placed to benefit from our low voltage renovation and upgrading services and solutions. The solutions and services we offer are affordable; The installation and mounting costs are standard with no hidden charges. You do not need to break a bank to access our services

Lavitech has well trained and certified technicians with practical experience in the design and installation of low voltage Nurse call systems. We rely on our expertise to better serve you well and ensure that you meet your daily objectives using the best communication system.

Our stellar reputation in the design and installation of low voltage nurse call systems installation is a guarantee that you will get a solution that meets your local building and equipment codes, maximizes staff efficiency, and improves the safety of your patient or resident.

Call us today for more information about how we can help design and install a Nurse call system using our low-voltage and technologically-advanced solutions.


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