2-Way Communication

2-way communication, also known as two-way communication, is usually a permanent solution in a building, so it is best when you install one during the construction of a new building. You will never miss these systems in the area of refuge or assistance in a building.

Lavitech understands the need for emergency communication in a building. You can achieve 2-way communication using low voltage solutions.  We desire to see you use the right combination of equipment; this will ensure that your staff, clients, guests, or occupant of your building can communicate fast during an emergency.

Besides wiring and cabling (if necessary), Your 2-way communication system is not complete without the two main components. An emergency communication system is complete when you have a master station installed in an approved fire command center or a central control point location, and call boxes mounted at the landing of each elevator according to the code of requirement in your region.

We have installed 2-way communication systems in new construction, multifamily housing, and large scale buildings. As much as we deal with big construction companies, our low voltage solutions are applicable in hotels, apartment complexes, clinics, schools, data centers, corporate offices, and other related commercial businesses.

2-way communication is as simple as the name sounds, but you will need technical expertise to help you design a system that matches the uniqueness of your building. We have a generous and hardworking team of certified and licensed technicians who have earned reliable knowledge and skills while providing low voltage solutions.

We’ll leverage our expertise and utilize safe and advanced equipment to provide you with an unmatched emergency communication system. We must ensure that low power is used in the design and selection of the equipment that will be installed together with your system. Our technicians can handle both wired and wireless connections that come with the system of your choice.\

With the right 2-way communication system, you can build your shield of protection around your staff and clients. Our solution will give you the edge when it comes to opening your new building for commercial use. Get to use a more secure and dedicated network of communication within your systems.

The 2-way system we design is capable of providing an off-site person to person voice communications just as required. Furthermore, the 2-way communication system will come with timed automatic telephone dial-out capability. We ensure that you get smart, intuitive, and easy to use components.

Embrace new technology by upgrading your building with an e-call system. We’ll provide you with the necessary infrastructure or use the existing hardware to connect your building management to an e-call station of your choice. We will provide an e-call universal transmitter to complete the system.

Lavitech offers the best value of emergency communication solutions for you and your clients. Contact us today and find out more about low voltage 2-way communication.


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