DAS System

Most designs used in the construction of commercial buildings do not guarantee 100 percent sufficient and reliable radio coverage. About 5 percent of businesses use DAS systems in their buildings. In some states, it is a requirement for a new building to have a distributed antenna system.

Lavitech designs and installs turnkey DAS systems to help improve communication in areas of low coverage. We understand that the use of one single antenna in the distribution of data signals over a large area of space consumes too much power. If you intend to maximize your area of wireless coverage, then you should try our low voltage solutions.

Our low voltage DAS solutions split the transmitted power into several power-efficient antenna elements to provide total coverage. We also ensure that you get the right equipment, and transport medium for your system.

Our services are applicable in large structures such as stadiums and big construction companies. We serve new and existing buildings that wish to install a distributed antenna system to allowing first responders to communicate without difficulties in case of an emergency event.

We have three types of DAS: active, passive, and hybrid systems. Typically, a DAS system uses passive feeders, splitters, and coaxial cables to enhance signal distribution. In the case of a large area of coverage, active repeater amplifiers or boosters together with fiber optic cable will be used in place of traditional elements to cover a larger area. A hybrid system combines both the active and passive distributed antenna systems.

Our team of experienced technicians will ensure that you get the DAS of your choice, whether for indoor or outdoor use. We will ensure that you get an efficient indoor Distributed antenna system (iDAS) if you wish to increase wireless signals within your building or a reliable outdoor Distributed antenna system (oDAS) for use in within you business surroundings.

We have the equipment and DAS components that are well-designed with dynamic features for outdoor and indoor applications. As for outdoor applications, we will install your system on top of utility and street light poles or any other structure in your compound that can accommodate this attachment.

Our low voltage solutions are FCC certified and approved for use by all carriers. We have a wide range of low voltage DAS systems. The design of your system will factor in the code of requirements and regulations of your region.

Using a single antenna to provide internet coverage over a large area is a costly investment. A DAS that uses a low voltage circuit guarantees reduced power consumption and improved reliability.  The system we provide also takes care of related challenges such as shadowing and penetration losses.

Lavitech lets you enjoy adequate and sufficient data and communication coverage in your building and at the same time, reduce your cost per square feet of data signal coverage. Contact us today for more information on Low voltage DAS.


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