Fire Alarm

In some states, it is a requirement for buildings to have fire alarm systems, and there are regulations in place that dictates how to go about it. The demand for fire protection systems provides an opportunity for businesses to take advantage of reliable safety systems.

Lavitech takes a leadership approach in the design, installation, troubleshooting and maintenance or repair of new and existing systems. We provide commercial turnkey fire prevention, detection, and suppression solutions that operate under a low voltage circuit.

Our commercial services are tailor-made in favor of big construction companies. We work with new construction, multifamily housing, and large scale buildings. Our low voltage fire alarm systems are applicable in commercial buildings. We have worked with hotels, apartment complexes, clinics, schools, data centers, corporate offices, and other related commercial facilities.

Our compliant fire protection solutions can be as simple as developing a system for a single building and as complex as installing a one that connects multiple facilities. We work together with our clients in the development of long-lasting solutions that ensure everyone on the premises is safe in a fire emergency.

We rely on the expertise of our certified technician to remain compliant with the state and national code requirements. Each of our personnel is licensed and certified by the local authority, hence qualified to install low voltage fire alarm systems. We are not only in the business of installing systems, but we also educate and train your people on how to properly use it.

At lavitech, we keep up with new advancements and developments in the design of commercial fire alarm systems and the use of state of the art equipment. Recent updates in technology have enabled us to improve our delivery of efficient and effective low voltage solutions.

The use of advanced devices in a fire protection system provides more detailed results, such as the detection of fire and heat coming from a small flame. The components we use have been tested and certified by relevant bodies in the fire department.

Since fire alarm systems require components that perform prevention, detection, and suppression functions. You will require an operator interface panel to implement supervisory functions over the device and appliances connected to the system. The initiating phase requires a smoke detector, while the indicating or warning phase makes use of flashlights from a strobe light and sound coming from an audible sounder or horn.

We build commercial fire alarm systems that can work with any sprinkler system. The smart solutions we offer are capable of performing automatic functions and relaying real-time information on the situation for diagnostics.

If you are ready to take the plunge into commercial fire alarm systems, feel free to take advantage of our design and installation services. Contact us today and learn more about low voltage Fire Alarm systems.


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