Designing a low-voltage system takes more than planning wall jacks and TVs locations, it requires a complete understanding of client needs and specifications. Converting this information into the right selections of equipment, devices and wiring take a lot of experience and proper training. The process starts with our estimating department, looking at the plans and making recommendations based on our years of experience and hundreds of completed projects. After reading the low voltage plans meticulously and even going through the electrical plans as well, we have a conversation with the building owner or owner representative in order to understand the specific low voltage needs of the owner or end-user. Lavitech strives to design a low voltage solution that will benefit the end-user and produces maximum efficiency and security at minimum cost and minimum learning curve. Once the project is on its way, a site inspector visits the construction site to insure, the low voltage design on paper makes sense in the real world. From inspecting the key fob locations accessibility to camera obscurities and best locations for IDF’s and MDF. 


Low Voltage consulting services are available for our clients from plan drawing to full specs design. A Lavitech consultant will understand the needs and budget of the construction project and design a suitable low voltage system. When it comes to understanding our clients needs, we have hundreds of projects and the know-how to provide the best low voltage solutions for their needs. Low voltage consulting can get very tricky and is not something that should be left to the electrical contractor. With today's growing technology in buildings and well rounded Low Voltage consulting company is very important. With real experience and a wide variety of product lines certificates, Lavitech can provide a highly custom low voltage solution for your next project.


Lavitech provides ongoing maintenance service for our clients to ensure our low voltage systems are well maintained and last as long as possible. In our low voltage maintenance philosophy we believe each replacement part should be useful in case of a system-wide upgrade in the future. With any low voltage maintenance, we at Lavitech use the best practice method of writing down notes for the next low voltage technician to come. As a curtsey and in order to save time and money for our clients we will usually first try to troubleshoot the low voltage issue over the phone or via a remote desktop session, however when needed a Lavitech technician will be dispatched to the site as soon as possible. Maintenance appointments are based on urgency and security needs, we take pride in keeping our clients safe and happy!


Having a low voltage system installed is great however knowing how to use it efficiently is what is more important. At Lavitech Solutions, Inc. our clients benefit from excellent training and support. Our team of low voltage technicians will work with the end-user before the project is done to make sure the end product is as convenient as possible for the client as physically possible. Friendly names are very important to us, Lavitech makes sure during the staff training to change all security camera names and key fob entrances to user-friendly names. Writing technical manuals including screenshots and emailing mobile app login information to clients so they always have a record of it in their email in case they change phones or computers. Support for our clients our goes hand in hand with our company philosophy, we strive to provide the best customer service experience over any other vendor, including non-low voltage vendors. We support any of our low voltage systems including security cameras, access control, DAS systems, audiovisual systems, and anything installed by our low voltage technicians. With our Low Voltage CRM, we can provide excellent ongoing support to all of our clients with a clear understanding of their installed system and current status.


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