Sound Masking

Nowadays, it is easy to make privacy simple, and one of the ways to do so is through the use of sound masking systems. This solution for offices uses background sound to help reduce noise distractions. New technology has allowed us to provide efficient solutions for improved speech privacy and office comfort.

There are many ways of reducing noise distractions, and we believe commercial sound masking is the best solution for offices. The solution may sound counter-intuitive, but it has worked for many, and it will work for you too.  We offer solutions for offices, Libraries, hospitals, and other working spaces that are more prone to sound pollution and nearby conversations that affect concentration.

Lavitech understands that privacy is crucial for most people in an organization. Therefore, we are offering commercial sound masking solutions that rely on low voltage circuitry for power. We get our equipment such as loudspeakers and sensors from reputable sellers and manufacturers in the sound industry and sound masking field.

Our technical experts are well skilled and experienced in selecting the right equipment, designing the best system, and using the right method of installation to develop a comfortable environment. Proper sound masking ensures that the noise fades away in the background.

The sound masking equipment we use produces an ambient sound designed and engineered to make noise distraction less intelligible. Advanced Technology in sound masking makes it possible for us to use equipment that produces an ambient sound that perfectly overlaps with the frequencies of human speech.  

Masking sound should not be confused with white noise or pink noise, the sound curves of the previous fall under the recommended spectrum. Sound masking is effectively and efficiently the best way to make unwanted conversations or speeches more difficult to hear and understand.

The sound masking system we design generates a more immersive experience. Unlike white and pink noises, the design of the masking sound is properly tuned to be heard everywhere as it fades in the background.

If we are to design a sound masking system for you, we intend to factor in all details in your indoor environment from the floor to the ceiling. The solution we provide will reduce some of the speech, noise distractions, and unwanted sounds or conversations in an environment to a lesser radius of distraction.

Our solutions come with smart and real-time adaptive adjustment capabilities that adapt to changes in the environment to provide uniformity.  You will notice a uniform sound masking by feeling fee a constant sound field irrespective of how you position yourself in your workspace. 

Lavitech will ensure that you achieve a comfortable acoustical working environment and give you and your team the freedom to hold confidential conversations across the masked sound room. A comfortable and quiet workspace impacts the morale and focus of your employees or team members.

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