Staircase Construction and Remodeling


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Lavitech Los Angeles Staircase Design - Before

Lavitech Professional Contractors replaced these outdated carpet covered stairs and refinished the hardwood floors to match


Lavitech Los Angeles Staircase Design - After

Stair building is one of the most complex aspects of carpentry. Space problems are typically more critical in the foyer than any other part of a home. Considering the overall size of the room will determine a comfortable rise and run of each step.


Staircases are typically rebuilt and changed more than any other part of a home because of poor planning and cutting corners when choosing materials.


If you’re in need of a brand new staircase or need to repair an existing set of stairs, Lavitech will work with you from concept to finish to executed the project according to the initial design, and to ensure you have the best quality staircase for your budget.


Contemporary Staircases


Lavitech Los Angeles Staircase Design - Contemporary Staircases

Contemporary staircases are a mix of traditional style mixed with clean modern design.


Simple wooden slabs or planks stained custom colors will create a contemporary staircase with a warm and inviting feel.


Bamboo is also being used as an option for building materials.



Wrought iron and stainless steel are being used for an industrial and modern look. Stainless steel and economical galvanized steel railing systems are modular design and require no welding or polishing


Stainless steel can be paired with a stainless or wooden handrail. Galvanized steel is used to create custom paint colors and finishes.

Modern Staircases



Lavitech Los Angeles Staircase Design - Modern Staircasea

When building a modern staircase one option to consider is a high-quality carpet that can withstand a high volume of traffic. A pattern can create a new focal point. Laminate stair treads are also an option that gives you a professional, finished look.


Laminate treads fit over the entire step and are more durable than hardwood steps. They come in a variety of colors and designs to match any decor.


Traditional Staircases


Traditional staircase design covers a range of architectural styles. Selecting a staircase design depends on the space available and the interior architecture of the home. The choices and combination of stairs can be created with intricate wood detailing or straight functional lines.

Staircase Types


Lavitech Los Angeles Staircase Design and Installation

Straight Staircases

Straight staircases are the most typical and found in most homes. These staircases can be built with a T-shaped or L-shaped landing to change direction.


Spiral Staircases

Spiral staircases are designed to fit into almost any small area. The steps progress around a support pole in the center.


Circular Staircases

Circular staircases are similar in design to spiral staircases without a center support pole. They can have very wide curves for a unique appearance.




Elliptical Staircases

Elliptical Staircases are a curved staircase that narrows at the top and bottom with a wider curve in the middle.


Freestanding Staircases

Any type of straight or curved staircase can be freestanding. These are staircases that you can walk beneath.


Deck Staircases

Considerably the most difficult part of building a deck, the stairs must be laidout to measure the exact height of the deck from the top of the decking to the location where the stairs are going to land on the ground. In cases where the stairs can land anywhere, it should be easy to design a stairset. If you are trying to land in a specific position like the edge of a patio, you may need to manipulate your stair configuration or change the run distance by adding or subtracting landings or shifting the starting position for the stairs.


Tread Design

The returns of an open tread design can be seen from the open side of the staircase. The balusters are typically installed on the stair tread surface. Closed tread design has sides that cannot be seen from the open side of the staircase. The balusters are typically installed to fit into the rail cap that rests on a short framed wall.


Balustrade Design

The balustrade consists of the balusters, newels, and handrail. Size and style of your foyer and trim detail are important to consider when choosing your stair parts.



Architectural stairs and spiral staircases come in a variety of woods including oak, mahogany, maple and cherry. They are also being constructed with steel, stainless steel, wrought iron, aluminum, and all materials can be mixed and matched to fit the design and functionality you want.