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More and more home owners are adding surveillance cameras to their security systems. Their reliability and ease of use make them the 'go-to' equipment when it comes to security.

Benefits of Video Surveillance

A video surveillance camera can capture and therefore prevent many things. For example, by installing one in your back stairwell, you could capture/prevent :

  • Illegal Entry
  • Theft
  • Drug Use
  • Vandalizing

When criminals look for a place to steal from or vandalize, they take note of any and all cameras. If your home is well covered, they will not risk robbing you because of they know they will be caught on film.

Similarly, when looking for a place to commit an illegal act, like use drugs or assault a person, criminals look for a place that is hidden and not viewable by passersby. If they see that you have cameras covering your building, they will not use the area to commit their crimes.

Los Angeles Residential Security

Surveillance Camera Systems come in all shapes and sizes and trying to find the right one can be very frustrating. Lavitech can help you choose the right system for your needs.

General things to ask yourself when looking for a surveillance camera system:  

  • How many surveillance cameras will i need?
  • How long do i want it to store video?
  • Do i want to have Indoor and Outdoor cameras?
  • Do I need to record surveillance footage or is it just for live viewing?
  • Do I need to access my surveillance system over the Internet and through my smart phone?

Hidden Cameras

These types of cameras are mainly for indoor use and come in a large variety. Small hidden camera can be installed in everyday objects like an Alarm Clock, Air Freshener, Fan, CO2 Detector or even a wall outlet. They are usually installed in one room and used to catch any suspicious activity. Most of them use a 12-hour rechargeable battery pack with no wires or cords to plug in. Most of these type of cameras are wireless but some can be wired.The most common wired and permanently installed cameras are Motion Detectors due to the location (corner of room) and unsuspicious look. Audio recording is also available on most hidden cameras.

Outdoor Cameras

Dome cameras are used in many places including retail stores, restaurants, casinos and apartment buildings. You can even see them at your local restaurant or grocery store. Dome cameras are simply cameras built into a weatherproof dome housing. In addition to these surveillance cameras being weatherproof, many are also vandal proof and built with protective casing that can withstand the direct hit of a sledgehammer. Dome Surveillance Cameras are generally wired and can be connected to a DVR to record all suspicious activities.

Surveillance Camera Recording

One of the most important components of a surveillance system is the recorder. Whether you have one, four, eight or sixteen cameras you have to take what those cameras see and store it for reference. A DVR system can record much longer than old style VCR tapes. Generally these recorders come in 4, 8 and 16 channel models. Channels refer to the number of cameras that can be connected.

Installing a home security system is the best investment you could make after the actual purchase of the building. With Lavitech you can build a home security system that will cost-effective and efficient. We custom design each system to maximize reliability and quality with your budget in mind.

Lavitech offers and installs custom equipment built to fit your needs : hidden cameras, wireless cameras, outdoor cameras, etc. We also make the process simple. After installation, customers get FREE tech support for the lifetime of the product.

Cover every area of your property - Backyard, Pool, Front Entrance, Gate and Driveway. In addition to cameras, we also offer Door Alarms, Fire Alarms, Smoke Alarms, Gas Detectors, Flood Sensors - everything you need to protect your home and family.

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