Remote Surveillance

One of Lavitech' most requested features is the ability to remotely view security camera feed live, with a PC or laptop. This allows you to access the on-site video surveillance system and select any combination of cameras to view and control. All this is accomplished without any indication that you are watching. Any camera can be called up to view with an internet enabled device like a PC, Laptop, iPad or even a Smartphone.       In the past, keeping an eye on your home or business while away was almost impossible. Unless friendly neighbors or trusted employees agreed to keep watch for you, your home was left unprotected. But today, you can monitor your home from anywhere in the world thanks to the Internet and modern home surveillance technology.    

Remote Surveillance Solutions

    The heart of distance surveillance is your Internet connection. Lavitech recommends a high-speed broadband connection like cable or DSL. Dial-up connections are not fast enough or dependable for broadcast video. With DSL or cable, the on-site DVR is connected to the internet. You internet service provider will assign an IP address or number for the connection. This system works with both “Static” and “Dynamic” IP addresses. Static addresses are much more reliable and Dynamic addresses require periodic maintenance every couple of weeks. Lavitech recommends using a Static IP address. The DVR can then be accessed using a remote device linked to the IP address. You can choose from a couple of configurations that differ in both features and complexity.  
Option 1: Use your PC   The first involves integrating your personal computer and home surveillance cameras into a system that will monitor and record different areas in your home or business. The surveillance system can be set to record images at a set rate (for example, once every 30 seconds) or to record when sensors detect motion in the area.   The computer will play back the video images through the monitor and record the video to your hard drive. Once you're connected to the Internet, you can easily watch the video from a remote location. Then you can long in at any time and watch the images that the system has recorded     Option 2: Use your IP     The second option is much easier than using your PC and multiple surveillance cameras. It uses a single IP Camera. You can use the camera through a direct link to your IP (Internet Protocol) address. Going directly through your IP eliminates the need for extra software to access your home computer. It works much like a webcam, streaming video 24 hours a day. Both options are fairly easy to use, and the second option is much easier to set up. However, with Option 1, you have access to multiple cameras and the ability to record images.       The important thing to remember is that both options allow you to access and monitor your home anytime from anywhere that has Internet service. So, to have a surveillance system that allows you to monitor your home or office while you're away, all you need is the Internet and at least one camera. You can remotely monitor multiple sites from a single account. Monitor each site in any of the following modes:  
  • Single Camera View to watch one area
  • Cycle View to rotate through all cameras
  • Multiple View to see all cameras at once
  Remote viewing is only available if the user has the network password, thus ensuring not only your safety, but also your privacy. Call Lavitech today at 818-232-7385 to schedule a free on site estimate and learn more about remoting veiwing for your surveillance system. Los Angeles Remote Surveillance Systems

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