CCTV Installation by Lavitech Los Angeles

CCTV cameras are an excellent addition to any business or home security system, adding an important visual deterrent to any setting. In addition, a CCTV system can provide evidence in the event of a crime, evidence which may be vital in prosecution.


In the past, a surveillance camera system was prohibitively expensive, only available to large companies and the weathy. As technology has advanced, cameras and recording equipment have become smaller and less costly. Today, you can have a professionally installed CCTV system with high resolution cameras, a DVR recorder and internet viewing capability without going bankrupt.



How Do I Select The Right CCTV System For Me?


Selecting the right CCTV system can be daunting. There are many manufacturers and models on the market. Before you purchase anything, you should first think about what is it you want to have monitored and how. Is it a large, high traffic area or a small space with minimal activity? Do you want one camera that will give you general surveillance of a certain area? Or do you want many cameras that will cover various angles?

CCTV Installation by Lavitech Los Angeles

Your answer to these questions will help you and your project manager determine the right system for you. For example, you could install several cameras covering each entrance/exit or one PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) Camera which will 'sweep' the same area.


As a general rule you should always have a camera that has a resolution of at least 470 TVL, or Television Lines. Cameras that have a resolution of 540 TVL are considered to be high resolution, however there are newer models with resolution as high as 600 TVL.


The second most important feature to consider is recording. How long do you want to keep the information for? A week? A year? How do you want to store it? On disc? On a computer hard drive? How many cameras will you be recording? This can be a difficult choice for some as there are many DVR recorders on the market, each with its own features.



There are a few things that you should insist on when looking for any DVR. First, it should be capable of recording in Real Time - this means that the DVR will record at least 25 frames per second (FPS). Second, make sure it has the correct amount of channels - each channel is one camera. A Real Time DVR will have a total recording capacity of 100FPS for a 4 Channel recorder (or 4 Cameras recorded on one channel each at 25FPS), 200FPS for an 8 channel recorder (8 Cameras, 25FPS each) and 400FPS for a 16 channel DVR Recorder (16 Cameras x 25FPS).


A DVR can be set to record in a number of ways, the most popular being to record when motion is detected. This means images will only be recorded onto the hard drive when the camera detects movement. The benefit of this is that it reduces the amount of data stored on the hard drive and therefore increases the length of time that you can record for. The drawback is that camera must be enabled to detect movement in the first place.



CCTV lighting

CCTV Installation by Lavitech Los Angeles

CCTV cameras work best when there is a good level of usable light. Each CCTV camera will have a different light level that they can work in and this is measured in Lux. To help your camera produce the best possible images you should ensure that there is adequate lighting in the areas your cameras will be covering.



Recording At Night

Surveillance cameras are required to fuction at any hour of the day. This means that they have to be able to perform at night, in low light levels and still produce high quality images. It can be difficult for a color camera to produce a high quality image in low light levels. Monochrome or black and white cameras work effectively in low light conditions. However it is still preferable to have a color image.


To accomplish this, most high quality CCTV cameras have a feature that allows them to produce high quality color images in optimum light levels and when the light falls to a certain level, the camera will produce images in black and white. These are known as Day/Night CCTV cameras because they can switch back and forth between color and monochrome depending on the lighting conditions.



Why Install A CCTV Surveillance System?


Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems allow you to monitor your office, factory or residence etc. without being present. A single recording unit can display images from multiple surveillance cameras. CCTV Surveillance Cameras are gaining popularity due to their effectiveness in monitoring visitors, employees and locations that are otherwise inaccessible.

  • Monitor the flow of people within your business premises (Banks, Hospitals, Government Departments etc.)
  • Monitor your employees to ensure just and unbiased performance assessment (Telesales staff, Receptionists, Customer Service agents etc.)
  • Monitor handling and management of goods coming in and out of your organization (Warehouses, Supermarkets, Construction sites etc.)
  • Ensure safety and security of your visitors and their belongings (Shopping Malls, Hotels, Restaurants etc.)


Lavitech provides CCTV surveillance solutions for homes and businesses and caters to their specific monitoring requirements. Call us today to find out what Lavitech can do for you.