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Intercom systems are growing in popularity, and are being used in a wide a range of settings. You can even get wireless intercom systems, which are easy to install.

An intercom system can be installed in a home so that you can see or hear who is at your front door or gate before letting them in. Several intercom systems will allow the reciever to unlock the door by simply pressing a button.

Intercoms are typically used for access control in apartment buildings. Each unit might have their own reciever. Then when the visitor is at the gate, they will need to dial the number of the unit they are visiting. Many office complexes use this same type of intercom system.

Intercom systems are also used in schools. There is normally a reciever in each classroom and a loud speaker the hallways so that messages can be relayed to everyone in the building.

Intercoms are also effective in businesses. They are useful in large buildings such as factories and warehouses. Because these buildings are large, it can be difficult to relay messages to everyone. It is essential to have an intercom system installed for emergency situations. One never knows when there might be a fire or earthquake.

Intercom Communication

Shopping centres also utilise intercom systems, as they are good for communicating with customers. With a good intercom system in place, a shop can inform their customers of any specials and information on goods. Furthermore, intercoms are used in shopping centres to help find lost children. Parking problems and other emergencies can also be relayed via intercom.

An intercom system in the home aids communication, but it also helps with security.

There are two types of intercom systems for home use available on the market: wireless and wired. With the hardwired home phone intercom system, you can send and receive pages, as well as answer incoming calls, answer the doorbell, monitor rooms, and even sound an alarm.

These days most people choose a wireless system unless they have a home that already has the wiring set up, or get it done as the house is being built.

The most important thing to remember about intercom systems is to make sure that they are installed correctly in the first place. Lavitech Professional Contractors will install your system for you and can repair it if any problems arise. This ensures that you will have quality services for years to come.

Lavitech's Intercom Communication equipment is applied in many industries and homes :

  • Intercom systems, Communication systems, Industrial intercom systems
  • Public address systems (PA)
  • Security and safety systems for industrial and office
  • Automatic control systems
  • Weatherproof intercom stations and loudspeakers
  • Alarm System
  • Multifunctional communication systems

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