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Green Window Installation

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Windows in a home or commercial space are a major source of lost energy. During the summer a building picks up heat from the outside through windows and during the winter heat is lost through the glass. Windows must be well designed to not leak air and they should be LOE rated with double paned glass to slow heat loss.

Energy saving from a typical single paned Aluminum window to a vinyl double paned window can be as high as 35%. This can significantly cut your heating and cooling bill during the year. A lot of home owners wonder if it is worth upgrading windows in their existing house. Strictly from an energy perspective the answer is no. The pay back would likely be over 10 years, So unless you are upgrading for other reasons such as aesthetics or you are going to stay in the house for several years it is not a great investment.

If you are adding on an addition or doing a complete remodel then it would be a great time to change out the windows while the walls are open and easily accessible

When looking for an energy efficient window there are a few things that need to be considered.

  • Double paned windows slow down the transfer of heat by placing a layer of air or gas between the 2 panes of glass
  • LOE is a window coated with microscopically thin, transparent layers of silver sandwiched between layers of anti-reflective metal oxide. This can cut up to 80% of harmful UV rays but also reduces light allowed into a room.
  • Argon or Krypton gas is denser than air and will slow down heat transfer rates.
  • Triple paned glass windows will add another layer to further slower the heat loss through the window.

The real decision with windows is a compromise between your budget and energy savings. Whether you choose vinyl, wood or fiberglass there are many options to fit almost anyone’s budget.

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Lavitech offers a wide selection of replacement windows. Double hungs, casements, pictures, bow and bay, glass blocks, garden, awnings and sliders are available. Our goal is to fit not only your openings but also your budget With so many replacement windows on the market, choosing the right one for your home can be a challenging project on its own. Maintenance, insulating value, appearance, fit, ease of cleaning and durability, are only a few of the many important considerations. Therefore, we will gladly assist you with any further decision to fulfill your needs.

We at Lavitech know that it is essential that you find a company that’s experienced and respected in the industry. That’s why we have done extensive research to identify the best window in the business. Contact us for a free, in home estimate.

We offer conventional mass produced windows as well as custom windows. Custom replacement windows can give your home style and charm and may help reduce your energy costs! Your new windows can be installed with confidence and peace of mind. Best of all, just imagine how beautiful your home will look with your new windows!

Don’t let your time and energy slip out of your old, drafty windows. Don’t spend your hard earned money on high heating and cooling bills caused by inefficient windows. Put an end to many of the tiring tasks of exterior home maintenance. .Experience Relief with Lavitech.

  • Measured and manufactured to fit your home.
  • Exclusively offer name brands .
  • Energy Star qualified.
  • Energy efficient designs to help reduce heating and cooling costs.
  • Reduce fabric fading up to 75% more than regular windows.
  • Constructed of solid, durable vinyl… so the window frame won’t warp, crack, rot, chip or dent like wood or metal.
  • 100% pure color vinyl… permanent color straight through the frame so it won’t peel or flake off, no more sanding, scraping or painting!
  • Traditional or contemporary styles to complement any home.

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Proshield 2
These double-hung tilt windows allow both sashes to tilt into the room for easy cleaning on both sides. The vinyl-clad wood windows feature a new design for high efficiency in coastal areas, and can be combined for dramatic picture windows, bay windows or other configurations.

Is Your Home Building Firm Prepared for Disaster?

Leaking, cracking windows may be damaging your home.Your older windows may be hiding something from you. If you notice excess condensation or leaks near your windows, it may mean that moisture is getting into your walls. To ensure against dry rot and potential mold problems, new replacement windows may be the key.




Weather Shield Life Guard IG 2
These insulated casement windows have no exposed fasteners and no snap-in jamb covers to help ensure the heavy-duty hardware will provide years of trouble-free service. The glass has a laminated interlayer designed to remain intact even if hit by windborne debris, as well as provide protection against an implosion that can result from impact fractures.

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Hy-Lite Solar Block
These acrylic block windows feature a micro-thin metal coating inside the block that provides low-E properties comparable to soft-coat low-E glass. Available as 6″ or 8″ blocks (both 2″ thick) and with vinyl or aluminum frame construction, the windows carry a comprehensive 10-year limited warranty. The windows, certified by the National Fenestration Rating Council, are well-suited for applications where building codes require a lower solar heat gain coefficient and where homeowners want privacy without sacrificing light.

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Weather Shield Proshield
These vinyl-clad wood windows feature a new design for high efficiency in coastal areas. The casement window opens a full 90 degrees to provide maximum ventilation and easy cleaning. The wide range of sizes permits a custom look for almost any application.

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Weather Shield
Weather Shield’s flagship double-hung window with storm windows and screens tilt open for easy cleaning. Some of the many features are four standard and five optional colors, as well as custom colors, on the extruded-aluminum exterior, and seven wood varieties and nine different trim profiles for the interior.