Fence Construction


Lavitech Professional Contractors has been building beautiful and strong fences in Los Angeles county for years. With Lavitech you can guarantee it’s top quality fencing at competitive pricing. We stand behind our workmanship and the quality of materials we use. Offering durable, yet stylish fencing that is built to last for years to come, we have a fence to suite all tastes, needs and budgets. From residential fences to industrial applications we have the experience to do it right.

Lavitech fence Construction and Remodeling

We are a Wood, PVC (Vinyl), Wrought iron and Chain Link fence installation company serving the Los Angeles Area including all Surrounding Suburbs. Fences provide safety and protection for you, your loved ones and your home. We offer an array of fencing like wood fencing, wrought iron fencing and block walls to fit any style home and suit your home improvement needs.

Lavitech Los Angeles Fencing Construction


By placing a fence on your property, you can protect your children by giving them a safe place to play, enclose your back yard, or side yard to keep pets in or out, protect your landscaping, and provide privacy. Our experienced craftsmen will work to meet all of your fencing needs.



Residential and Commercial Fencing Solutions

Custom Wood

Lavitech prides ourselves in our extensive styles and options of wood fence. Wood fencing provides a natural and rustic look to complement your home. Our sales team can offer you many selections to choose from to accommodate your privacy, semi-privacy, and decorative needs. We put safety and environmental awareness first.

Lavitech Los Angeles Fencing Construction - Custom Wood


All of our lumber meets and/or exceeds industry standards, as well as conforms to the latest EPA requirements. Whether you prefer the rich, untreated look of Cedar, or the durable, pressure-treated ACQ lumber, Lavitech can accommodate all of your wood fencing needs.


Galvanized Chain Link Fence

Lavitech Los Angeles Fencing Construction - Galvanized Chain Link Fence

This is the workhorse of the fence industry and is available in multiple grades and strengths. Residential grade typically features 11 gauge fabric and 17 gauge tubing posts. Lavitech offers structural steel gate hinge posts for long lasting performance. In addition, we customize our residential gates so special sizes are not a problem

Automated Gate Systems

Lavitech has the ability to provide convenient gate operator systems for all purposes. Our gate operator system experts can recommend the appropriate system for your needs. At Lavitech, we analyze the opening size, style of fence and gate, distance from the dwelling(s), road surface material, entry mechanism, exit mechanism and safety concerns before recommending the right gate and operator for the intended purpose.

Lavitech Los Angeles Fencing Construction - Automated Gate Systems


Automated gate operators can work on most style gates. Entry can be via transmitters, push button, touch pad, touch pad with intercom, a dedicated phone line connection or swipe card. Safety is provided by metal detection loops, photo eyes and/or metal detecting gate edges. The operator mechanism can be hydraulic or mechanical chain-drive. You can even have your cell phone ring every time someone enters your driveway! Please call our trained professionals to learn more about gate operator systems.


Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fence

This product is becoming very popular because it offers the security of chain-link fence together with the attractiveness of a vinyl coated finish. Standard colors are black and green, although unique colors are available with a fee for set-up on the coating line. Vinyl-coated fencing comes with a polyvinyl coating or a polyester coating – with polyester forming a baked-on finish that is scratch resistant.


Vinyl wire is available in a choice of extruded vinyl, glued and bonded or thermally-fused bonding, with thermal fusion being the most expensive. Vinyl coating is especially beneficial for jobs adjacent to water.


Ornamental Steel / Wrought Iron

This product represents the current generation of classic “wrought iron” fence. Our steel products are coated with an electro statically applied powder coating to create a durable and long lasting finish that will outperform a painted product

Lavitech Los Angeles Fencing Construction - Ornamental Steel and Wrought Iron

Our manufacturers offer extended warranty’s from 12-15 years. Steel ornamental comes in an abundance of styles. Lavitech can also provide custom welded panels if you have a unique design in mind. Standard colors are black, white, bronze and dark green.


Ornamental Aluminum

Our aluminum fences looks great with any style home and complements beautiful landscaping while not limiting a picturesque view. Aluminum withstands the elements better than welded steel or wood. Its unique powder coating process ensures that your aluminum fence will look great for many years, in fact, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty.
Aluminum is available in many different grades and styles with 5/8″, 3/4″ and 1″ pickets. Standard colors are black, white, bronze and hunter green.

PVC Vinyl

Vinyl fencing has become very popular because of its clean appearance and long product life with minimal maintenance. Classic picket styles offer the “All-American” look in a state of the art product. Privacy fences mimic the look of wood, however there will be no warping, expansion, or contraction succumbing to the elements of weather. PVC fences are produced through a co-extrusion process to promote rigidity and strength.


UV inhibitors are added to help maintain an attractive appearance for many years. PVC fences won’t warp, rot or splinter. You will find this product to be tough and durable, without comprising any aesthetic appeal.

Lavitech is proud to use quality products from:


Sherwin Williams


A complete line of deck care products that make it easy for you to achieve beautiful results. With advances in technology, DeckScapes offers superior performance, better color retention and single-coat coverage. Plus, water-based formulas make cleanup a snap. DeckScapes™ even makes it easy to slect the prducts that are right for you needs.


Stain & Sealer Remover

Removes latex and oil-based stains and sealers



Cleans New or Old Uncoated Pressure-Treated Wood


Deck Wash

Restores the Natural Beauty and Color of Wood


Coating Life Extender

Penetrates into wood & ensures a bond with the stain topcoat


Waterborne Wood Protector

Advanced protection against water damage, long-lasting beading and waterproofing, can be applied to damp or dry wood, soap and water cleanup


Waterborne Clear Deck Seal

Allows wood to gray naturally, waterproofs new or weathered wood, soap and water cleanup


Waterborne Semi-Transparent

Provides rich pigmented appearance, allows wood grain to show through, waterproofs new or weathered wood, soap and water cleanup


Benjamin Moore


Engineered for superior durability, outperforms the best alkyd stains on the market, tough, scuff resistant finish that withstands heavy foot traffic, advanced deck system that looks rich year after year with easy annual maintenance, easy application, repels water, mildew resistant


Waterborne Exterior Stain Protective Clear Coat

A premium quality 100% percent acrylic finish coat. Use as a protective coating over Transparent and Semi-Transparent Stains on decks or other surfaces where enhanced abrasion resistance and additional protection is desired. Can be used over ARBORCOAT waterborne semi-solid stain when a low lustre finish is preferred


Waterborne Exterior Transparent

A premium quality waterborne alkyd/acrylic transparent stain. Trans-Oxide pigments are ground into a weather tested vehicle to provide ultimate sun protection and abrasion and mildew resistance. As a complete system for decks ARBORCOAT Transparent stains must be top coated with ARBORCOAT Waterborne Protective Clear Coat


Waterborne Exterior Semi Transparent

A premium quality waterborne alkyd/acrylic semi-transparent stain formulated to penetrate and protect wood, resist abrasion, and beautify wood decking, sideing, fencing, shingles, and furnature. Its colors are semi transparent, allowing the color and the grain pattern of wood to show through. As a complete system for decks the ARBORCOAT stain must be top coated with ARBORCOAT Waterborne Protective Clear Coat


Waterborne Exterior Semi Solid

A premium quality 100% acrylic semi-solid stain formulated to penetrate and protect wood, resist abrasion, and beautify wood decking, siding, fencing, shakes, and furnature. Its colors are semi-solid, aloowing some of the color and the grain pattern of the wood to show through. ARBORCOAT Semi-Solid stain can be top coated with ARBORCOAT Waterborne Protective Clear Coat for a low lustre look


Waterborne Exterior Solid

This premium-quality product masks the grain of the wood without obscuring its texture. It has been formulated to protect and beautify all types of wood decks, including cedar, redwood, and pressure-treated lumber. It features easy application, a highly durable, low-lustre finish, fast dry, water clean-up, and excellent color retention


There are a couple options when it comes to fencing materials, below is a list of pros and cons to help you choose the right material for your project


Vinyl Fencing



  • Virtually Maintenance Free
  • Many Design Styles and Sizes
  • Durable and Easy to Install
  • Termite and Bug Resistant
  • Fungus, and Dry Rot Free


  • The Inital Cost is Greater
  • Sun Exposure Creates Cracking
  • Vulnerable to Mold
  • Little Wind Resistance
  • Color Fades


Wood Fencing



  • Inexpensive Cost
  • Easy to Install and Repair
  • Many Color Choices
  • Ages Beautifully
  • All Natural Products


  • Vulnerable to Rot
  • Vulnerable to Termites
  • Maintenance is Required
  • Planks can warp


Wrought Iron Fencing



  • Extremely Strong and Long-Lasting
  • Infusion With Intricate Designs
  • Little Maintenance Required


  • Expensive to Install
  • Prone to Rust
  • Decorative Pieces can be hard to Replace

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 818-232-7385. We offer free estimates and design consultations. No job is too small for us. We look forward to assisting you with your fencing needs.

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