Enclosed Patios

Patios are an important, and often overlooked element of any home. After years of decorating the interior of their homes, many people are turning their attention to create outdoor spaces for relaxing and entertaining. This shift reflects a movement of outdoor living, the extension of a home beyond four walls.

Lavitech Los Angeles Enclosed Patios

Adding a wood deck can be one of the finest features of your home, making your home more attractive and adding living space at the same time. Whether your deck will be for relaxing or entertaining your friends and family, you should keep in mind that the deck should be in harmony and balance with your home’s facade and the yard it adjoins.

Composite Decking

New Composite material like Trex, Nextwood, TimberTech are made from recycled waste fiber from lumber milling, agricultural processes, polyethylene or high-density polyethylene from plastic grocery bags and milk containers. They do not rot, bugs will not eat them, they never warp or splinter, and they require no maintenance. The process to create the composite material is a mix of fibers and plastic is molded into boards for decking.

Lavitech Los Angeles Enclosed Patios - Composite Decking

Composite decking is a new, recycled option to the traditional solid wood product that comes in many colors, requires no maintanence other than cleaning, and will last forever.  The only downside to building a composite plank deck is that once the boards are created by the manufacture, the product cannot be recycled again.

Wood Decking

When choosing the look of a wooden deck there are many options. Redwood, Larch, Cypress, and Cedar are standards that most decks will be built with and pressure treating or Thermally Modified options will help prevent weathering, rot, and insect infestation.

Pressure treated lumber is ideal for outdoor construction and is much less expensive than many alternate options. Treated wood is created with a process that places a load of lumber in an air tight cylindrical chamber and forces waterborne chemicals into the wood under intense pressure.

Lavitech Los Angeles Enclosed Patios - Wood Decking

Thermally modified or heat treated wood is created using a process that uses heat to improve dimensional stability and decay resistancy without the use of chemicals.  The heat converts the wood sugars into a natural substance that cannot be digested by insects or support the growth of mold or fungus.

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