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More than 60% of all break ins occur right through one of the doors in your house. The first step to outwitting criminals is by re-thinking our security enhancements.

Did you know that 99% of all locks can be opened with a $5bump key? If that’s not scary enough, most thieves know about that key hidden somewhere near your door, perhaps under a rock or in that little crack somewhere between the bricks on your house.

A recent break in at a low key suburban neighborhood has sparked at least one person in this community to go out and purchase an advancedoutdoor keyless lock.

"It was my next door neighbor and it could have been me," exclaimed Pat from Loma Linda. " They thought they were being smart by hiding the key in a flowerpot in the dirt. Who would have known someone would look in there. But they did and ripped off a new plasma TV. That’s why I purchased thiselectronic lock. It uses a special combination that only my family and I know."

Electronic locks offer a degree of certainty that the regular locks can not provide. Its sophisticated technology is virtually impossible to circumvent. Most of them even do not use a traditional key, removing the problem of unauthorized key duplication.

Switching to electronic locks has become a great option for many people. Keeping your valuables and important paper work safe is a top priority. Electronic locks give you the peace of mind you are looking for both for the home or the small business owner. Understanding how electronic locks work will help you make your decision regarding which one to buy for your purposes.

Electronic Locks Offer Extra Security

Los Angeles Electronic Locks

The new trend in electronic locks is being led by large security companies who are now able to offer safety systems that include a direct connection to the local emergency support system. They go way beyond the lock and key system that has been used for years, to offer even more security, as well as, ease of use. The new systems are able to offer your more security and more protection.

These new systems offer a level of security that heretofore has not been available. Electronic locks work using an electrical current. There are a variety of systems. Some are attached directly to the lock, while others are connected to a control system located elsewhere.

The Magnetic Lock

There are two major types of electronic locks on the market. One is the magnetic lock, or more popularly referred to as a "mag lock". These locks use a magnet that is placed on the door frame that engages the armature on the door. The magnet holds them tightly together. This is a very easy lock to install and it is difficult to break into. They do require electricity to work and if the power source is disrupted the lock will not work.

The Electric Strike Lock

The electric strike lock is the one most often used in the "buzz in" types of systems. Instead of a standard strike, an electric strike is used that is hooked into an electronic mechanism. There are a variety of types of electric strike locks. Some are easier to install than others and some will work regardless of the availability of current and some will not.

Verification before Entry

The keystone of electronic locks is that they require some form of confirmation that you are allowed to open the lock. A numerical code is used most often that requires the person entering to type in the correct sequence of numbers in order to gain access. Once the code is entered correctly the lock will disengage.

Another method of verification used is a key card or pass card that must be scanned or swiped to gain entrance. Many businesses use this type of electronic lock to enter offices, elevators and garages.

Fingerprint Scanning LockA third method that is growing in popularity is biometrics, which is a fancy name for fingerprint scanning, retinal scanning and voiceprint identification. Places where a high level of security is required most often use this type of electronic lock.

Now that you know what types of locks are available, you can begin to consider what type of lock will work best for you.

These locks offer such an increased level of security for the average person; it only makes sense to replace the old fashion lock and key with an electronic lock as soon as possible.


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