Electric Car Home Charging

Electric Car Home Charging

Electric vehicles, or EV, are no longer just a fad. With soaring gas prices and growing environmental concerns, an electric or hybrid vehicle is fast becoming a viable option for many people. An electric car has following main components:

  • Electric Motor
  • Motor Controller
  • Batteries

An electric car is powered by an electric motor while a petroleum or gas powered car runs on a petroleum engine. Much like how an accelerator, or gas pedal, controls how much gas the engine uses and therefore how fast the car goes, an electric car's controller determines how much electricity the engine uses and therefore how fast it goes.

The main drawback of electric vehicles is that while they are better for the environment and your wallet, recharging stations are not as common place as gas station, thereby limiting the distance you can travel as well as number of locations. For this reason, many electric vehicle owners opt to install recharging stations in their own homes, allowing the battery to fully charged and ready whenever you need it.

Electric Vehicle Home Charging

How Do I Install A Home Charging Station?

There are two kinds of electric vehicles - those that plug into an outlet to recharge and those that use a battery. Which type you have will determine your charging options.

Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles have an internal combustion engine and a battery which can be re-charged from electricity. These vehicles use both gas and electricity. Most plug-in hybrids will take four to six hours to fully charge on a standard 120-volt outlet.

Battery powered electric vehicles are powered by electric motors and batteries and do not require any gas. A battery electric vehicle will take 12 to 24 hours for a full charge on a standard 120-volt outlet, while most models will take three to six hours to fully charge on a 240-volt rated charging unit.

There are two charging options for electric vehicles - Level 1 and Level 2. As the names suggest, Level 2 draws more power than Level 1 but is not necessarily the best option for everyone. How much energy you need is dependent on which type of electric vehicle you have and how much energy you wish to consume. Remember, you will still pay for fuel, but it will be on your electric bill instead of at the gas pump and at a fraction of the price.

Electric Vehicle Home Charging

Multi-Unit Residence Charging

If you live in an apartment/condo complex or own one, meet with your building's association or local home owner's association and discuss the number and placement of your charging stations. Do you need several and should they be near the building's existing electric and meter equipment? Do you just need a few and wish to install them in individual parking spaces?

There are other numerous questions to consider and Lavitech can help you with all of them. As a full service contractor, we can handle not only the wiring but also dry wall, concrete, plumbing or anything else that may be a part of this project.

Lavitech Professional Contractors can install a home charging station and work with your electricity provider to make sure your electric vehicle is ready for the road.

Government Incentives For Going Electric

In addition to saving gas and the planet, owning an electric vehicle can actually make you money. The first 200,000 people who purchase an EV qualify for a tax credit of up $7,500. For a list of eligible manufacturers, visit this IRS site.

If you purchased your EV on or after March 15, 2010 you can apply for a CVRP rebate. Learn more and download forms here.

Once you purchase your EV, you can install an in home charging station and qualify for a tax credit equal to 30% of the installation cost. Both individuals and business are eligible.

Need more incentives?

  • In California, EV drivers can use the carpool lane with or without a passenger!
  • You can park your EV for free at LAX charging stations.
  • Southern California Edison offers reduced rates to those with home chargers.
  • Los Angeles Department of Water and Power also offers discounts for home charging.

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