Covert Surveillance

When researching surveillance options, hidden cameras are a popular choice. They can be used to monitor without arousing suspicion. But what kind of hidden camera is right for your situation? There are many options to choose from. Some of the most common names for hidden cameras are Spy Cameras, Spy Cams, Security Cams, DVR (Digital Video Recorder), HVR (Hidden Video Recorder), and of course Nanny Cams. All of these terms refer to the same thing : a video recording device that is concealed. Lavitech Professional Contractors can tailor your security system to include hidden cameras. You are no longer limited to cameras built into novelty housings - we can install the camera in items you already own, making it even less noticeable. Most common hard wired Hidden Cameras
Wall mounted outlet Smoke detector pir hidden camera Motion detector with hidden camera
Hidden Wireless Cameras Hidden wireless cameras can be placed into just about any thing you can imagine from televisions to air fresheners. While these cameras do make camouflage easier, recording can be an issue as the DVR needs to be able to pick up the signal effectively. Hard Wired Miniature Cameras Hard wired miniature cameras are more reliable than wireless but still pose some problems. As with any hidden camera you still have to hide it. A hard wired camera requires that you run a cable from the camera to the recording device. In some situations this may not be a problem, but it is not always practical.
Hidden IP Cameras Hidden IP cameras are similar to a hidden wireless camera in that they come pre concealed inside many everyday items and they are also wireless. That is where the similarity ends. With an IP camera the video signal is sent through the electrical system of the house. The receiver is then plugged into a wall outlet near your computer and connected to a USB port on your computer allowing you to view and record the feed. An IP camera will also enable you to view the feed from anywhere in the world as long as the device has internet access. Hidden Still Cameras Hidden still cameras may be a good option depending on the circumstances. They can be motion activated and record pictures at an adjustable frame rate. You can set the camera to take one picture every second or ten pictures every second - whichever suits your needs best. Hidden still cameras do not have wires or cables. They record onto an internal chip for later viewing. Motion Activated All-In-One Hidden Cameras Motion activated all-in-one hidden camera/recording systems  require no cables, receivers or external recording devices. Simply place the All In One in a desired location and let it go to work. You can then view the footage off of the unit itself or remove the SD card and view it on a computer. If you decide a hidden camera is right for your surveillance needs, Lavitech Professional Contractors can help you get the most of out it. Call us today at 818-232-7385 for free in home estimate.

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