Costco Gift Card

For a limited time, we are offering $1000 Costo Gift Cards on any project over $10,000

LavitLavitech Los Angeles $1000 Costco Gift Certificateech Professional Contractors is dedicated to making your home improvement dreams come true.

For a limited time we are proud to offer a $1000 gift certificate to be used at any Costco location with any Construction or Remodeling projects over $10,000.

Please note that this promotion is not valid with any other discounts provided on a singe project.

We are aware that with the tough economy construction and remodeling projects are sometimes put on hold. We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that home improvement project prices are at a all time low and while we don't expect this to stay true for long, we recommend that you take advantage of this situation while it lasts.

Our Costco Promotion is designed to help our customers achieve their home improvement dreams through our services.

Take advantage of this offer and call us today at 818-232-7385.