Commercial Flooring

Lavitech Los Angeles Commercial FlooringPolyurethane flooring systems and epoxy concrete flooring systems are designed to be durable and resilient and are engineered for applications where thermal, chemical, or impact resistance is needed.

Polyurethane flooring systems offer low odor, low-VOC installations and are designed to be non-porous while closely matching the same co-efficient of expansion as concrete. Epoxy concrete paint is considered practical and sturdy. They can withstand the most punishing industrial and commercial conditions.

There are a few options when choosing your new flooring system:

Epoxy Floor Systems:

Lavitech Los Angeles Epoxy Floor Systems


  • High Strength
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Low Odor

Acrylic Floor Systems:

Lavitech Los Angeles Acrylic Floor Systems


  • Fast Cure Time (
  • Strength with Resillience
  • Low Glare Matte Satin Finish
  • Temperature Intensive (Cures at -20oF)

Urethane Floor Systems:

Lavitech Los Angeles Urethane Floor Systems


  • High Strength
  • Heat Resistance
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Themal Shock

Hybrid Floor Systems:

Lavitech Los Angeles Hybrid Floor Systems


  • High Strength
  • Elevated Moisture
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Customizable


Primers, Sealers & Membranes

The best flooring system installations start with a coat of primer that seals and strengthens your floors, creating a uniform bonded surface for subsequent applications.  Using a low viscosity primer coat that soaks into the surface of the substrate handles more easily and aids in the prevention of outgassing.

It can occur with more viscous coatings.  After curing, an epoxy and methyl methacrylate (MMA) primer system forms a tough, smooth surface that stops concrete dusting, a common respiratory health and environmental concern where you find new or unprotected concrete flooring.


How to Choose the Proper Primer

When considering what type of primer to use, you have to consider the bond strength, and compatibility with topcoats.  Simple concrete paint or epoxy paint may not properly bond to your slab.  The purpose of a primer is to provide a mechanical bond to the concrete substrate.  If the bond strength is greater than 400psi then the concrete will pull out when properly prepared and installed.

Wherever secondary containment or the reduction of stress between the substrate and subsequent coatings or resurfacers is an issue, or if you need to fill holes, cracks, expansion joints or construction joints, there are many epoxy and urethane options to choose from.


Topcoats offer a complete selection of finishing solutions and give you an extra measure of control over the apperance and function of your flooring systems.  Together with the inherent chemical and abrasion resistant qualities of topcoats and matrix layers, a topcoat will deliver superior corrosion resistance and increase your floors longevity.

Topcoats are available in high gloss, satin, or flat urethane formulations or an attractive low glare satin finish acrylic coating that will brighten or soften the lighting in your facility.


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