Banking Security Systems

In banks, state of the art CCTV surveillance systems have been mounted for safety and as crime deterrents. At times, security guards you see don't reassure you of your safety. You may feel that guards patrolling public places have a very limited capacity for preventing crime. They can only act when something happens in their line of sight. You're Safe Now Installed in a strategic spot and equipped with cutting edge technology, CCTV surveillance systems can record everything that goes on. These recordings can later be retrieved and analyzed to apprehend criminals. Software Developers now see the potential of CCTV surveillance systems in preventing attacks. One important advancement is facial recognition software. With facial recognition software, the computer is programed with certain key features in the face of an individual and then looks for and finds those features even if the person is disguised. A person flagged as dangerous can then be prevented from gaining access to buildings or public transportations, thus thwarting any planned attack or escape.
A Big Investment That Pays Off CCTV surveillance systems today have functions not seen in the systems of the past. You can find surveillance systems with: Motion Detection - This means you only record when there is movement in the monitored area, thus saving valuable data storage space. High Resolution - Grainy footage is no longer a problem. Today's cameras feature image quality of 1600 x 1200 dpi and higher. Night and Infrared Vsion - Even with low or minimal lighting, you can record usable, quality images. banking security systems Bank branches are often housed in buildings shared with other businesses. If your neighbor's security is lax, it could leave you vulnerable to an attack. Lavitech Electronic Security products and services include: Alarm systems CCTV/DVR systems APV public view monitor SafeGARD self-serve safe deposit box systems Access control UL monitoring services Fire alarm systems Experienced service organization for all security products

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